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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Let Mead Flow on Midgard 
Tune: "Let There Be Peace on Earth" (YouTube) by Sy Miller and Bill Jackson 

Let mead flow on Midgard, and let it begin with me 
Let mead flow on Midgard, the mead that was meant to be 
With Odin, All-Father, siblings all are we 
Let me walk with my brother, while drinking merrily 

Let mead begin with me, let this be the moment, now 
Drinking deeply from Ağumla, the cosmic cow 
To take each moment and live each moment inebriated-ly 
Let mead flow on Midgard, and let it begin with me ! 

© Karl Donaldsson, 1997

The Hearth of Karl Donaldsson


Image: Detail from "Odin in his Hall", © by Yngve Oliver Eriksen, 
by his permission. More by him at Artwanted.com.

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