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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Lifeblood (A Viking Drinking Song)

Drink, for the wind blows cold and
Drink for The Wolf runs free.
Drink to the ships with the sails like wings and
Drink to the storm-tossed seas.

Drink to the lasting nights
and those who warm our beds.
Drink to the mead that warms our hearts
and the cold that clears our head.

Drink to the Allfather's Eye
for Odin's sons are we.
Drink to the World-Tree where he hung
and the Runes of Mystery.

Drink to the truth of steel
and blood that falls like rain.
Drink to Valhalla's golden walls
and to our kinsmen, slain.

Drink to the Glory-field
where a man embraces death, and
thank the gods that we live at all
with our joyous dying breath!

Drink for the wind blows cold and
Drink for the Wolf runs free
Drink to the ships with the sails like wings
for Odin's sons are we!

© Tune, lyrics: 1993 Karen L.U. Kahan aka Savage Daughter
   SavageDaughter on Patreon

Left video: Performance by Karen Kahan

Right video: Leafy Greens and Mutton, a medieval singing group, performing "Life Blood" at the Bangor Public Library on August 29, 2007. Leafy Greens and Mutton are members of the Society for Creative Anachronism's Shire of Endewearde (central and northern Maine). They employ a song technique called a “Round” which was a common and popular style during the late 1500’s and early 1600’s, particularly in England.

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