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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Lifted Horns

Flowers nod and barley sway
Wind is warm and life is good.
Our horns we lift to Ingvi-Frey.

The sweet sap rises day by day
Releasing us from wintry cold
Flowers nod and barley sways.

Within the green and lovely Ve
We offer praise as heathens should;
Our horns we lift to Ingvi-Frey.

The fecund earth our delight, our play
Sweet frolic through these ancient woods
So flowers nod, and barley sway.

Love may come, joy may stay
If close together we whispering stood
And my horn lifted to Ingvi-Frey.

So come away, wild one, come away
In mossy groves we frolic could
While flowers nod and barley sways
And horns we lift to Ingvi-Frey.

Boar's Heart 2003       Poetic form: Villanelle

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