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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Love Songs of Sif and Thor

(Winter: Thor's Lament)

Your golden hair is shorn, my Sif,
Your head wimple-wrapped.
Robed and veiled in white,
You dream the winter nights.
Frigid wind shifts snow-crystals
Hushing over hummocks,
Sounding like wind in your hair.

(Winter: Sif's Dreams)

Thor keeps troth,
A faithful husband. Not for him
The caperings of Odin or Loki's depravities.
Thor's heart is living oak,
Solid and true--
Well worth loving.

(Spring: Sif Awakens)

Feels good to stretch and wake;
Rain is chill, but thaws the Earth.
I hear the first echoes
Of Thor's thunder over the mountains.
He's laughing now--it's good to hear him!
He's coming closer--I hope he remembers...
My shoots are young and tender,
Just a pinprick
Of green above the mud.
Thor, you lummox, you're doing it again!
You'll squash me flat--every spring
It's like this! Take it easy, love,
Abate your force. Couldn't we try
A gentle rain, for once?

(Summer: Thor's Song)

Land lies yearning under Sun's caress,
Grain glints and glistens in waves of wind.
I run my fingers through your hair
And hear your hushing whispers,
Hoarse with passion.
Ah! My Sif,
Even the wide plains,
Even Middle Garth's broad reaches,
Even Ase's Garth itself
Cannot hold our love enclosed.

(Summer: Sif's Song)

I move beneath your hand,
A hand like no other.
Thunder pulses through your touch;
Heat-lightning flashes,
Limning my bones with fire.
The storm's roar engulfs me;
I am swept away, I know not whither,
Nor care to know, Vingi-Thorr--
I am with you.

(Harvest: Farewell)

Golden my beloved, ripe under Sun's glow.
Buzz and drone of chafers' wings
Echo the honing of scythe on stone.
A last breath of wind through your hair, my Sif,
Ere wind's hush betoken
your tresses' fall
Under the sickle's hooked gleam.

So bairns' blessing
Is love's bane and love's gift:
Blessing, bane and gift are one.

Golden was love
Gold will it be again
While Wyrd wends.

Winifred Hodge Rose    Frigga's Web

Image: Wheat farm. Victor Szalvay. This file is licensed under the
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

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