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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Mother´s Night

Dark grey was the sky as I rode ten miles, wind howled in my helmet cold.
With no spear to protect I flew to the sea, no eclipse, no moon, no stars.
I carried a message to deliver to you, as fast as my steed would go.

Beasts bayed by the river, Frigg chased with her broom
Scraping like dead leaves just behind. Scared to be certain
To slip on the ice, in this dangerous place in between.

The sky by the light of Mani grew pale, shrouded behind thick clouds.
Folks passed heading south. I was no longer alone and knew I was almost there.
Three Norns gave me news and I share it with you from journey’s end:

Joy to all, on this Mothers’ Night, Wunjo gives happiness and love.
Othala for heathens – we gather together to feast at this special tide.
Thurisaz for protection, against the frost giants Thor threatens with his club.

This tale is true as I share it with you - God Jul, Hail Sunna, Frith to all.

© Victoria Clare


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