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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


My God

My God is not all-powerful,
But He has power
Greater than any in His pantheon.
yet, He labored for it.
His flaws more numorous than good deeds,
But He has accomplished great.

My God is not all-loving,
But He is alittle vengeful
of those who did Him wrong.
His greatest ability yet is
His knowledge over
That magick, laughter.

My God is not immortal,
Nor has he always been.
He will perish with the Earth
But the legacy of the Gods
Will not end with Him.
He is part of something bigger.

My God is not popular,
But he believes in himself.
Alone and of His blood
He will accomplish
the task that so many
Before him have failed.

My God does not have his own book
That reveals all of his thoughts.
Rather, he is in the essence of man,
And penned much later.
The heart of mankind outweighs
the letters of a man.

My God does not have all the answers,
and neither do I.
He is not perfect,
But I stand by Him anyway.
Because out of all the many Gods
The one I love is Him.


HeartsNeverBreak on DeviantArt

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