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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Oden Bless Me

Oden bless me as I walk alone
Beaten down with stick and stone
And though Iím bound to this rough road
I still give praise for all Iíve known.

Every day, new lessons grow
Mostly reaping what I sow
Youíve taught me all of this, I know
And onwards on this path I'll go.

Though I stumble, and I fall
I rise through challenge above all
Never caving, standing tall
Knowing Iíll go to Valhall.

Many folks donít share my views
Some think they are just old news
Still more think Iím a bit loose
But I know, I know the truth.

This is my path as a skald
Though it empty seem and cold
It leads to glorious verse and song
I know youíre with me, all along.

© Alexander Hall

~Axlazu on DeviantArt 

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