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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Ode to Sunna         Ode to Sunna MP3

Whose face is fair above all else
That mortal sight may see-
That if an eye
Long on her spy
Soon blinded it will be?

Whose golden crown outgleams by far
The diadems of kings-
That in compare
The wealth they wear
Is nought but knaves' tin rings?

Her angry flares seen near and far
Send man-made moons a-sputter.
The Valk'ries fly
The fair north sky
And mens' hearts fall a-flutter.

She kindles life; she causes death.
She's fickle as she's fair.
Her finger's found
On skin that's browned
And maids with white-gold hair.

But on her path we all depend
For golden fruit and grain,
For safety from
Dark Utgard scum-
For she is Alvis' bane.

Without her gaze leaves green would fade.
Without her leash we'd wander.
We'd have no light,
Just lifeless night,
If Sunna weren't up yonder.

Lyrics, Tune, Recording: Ana McKee-Schwenke  

This document may be freely distributed and copied for not-for-profit uses
provided it is copied in its entirety including this statement.

Image: "Sol", Voenix

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