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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Ode To Thor             Men of Harlech MIDI (16 KB)
Tune: "Men of Harlech" (old Welsh air)

I'm a Heathen by conviction
All things German I've a fix on
But my wife's a proper vixen
So I worship Thor.

1.Thor's a proper man's man
Stronger than Desp'rate Dan
He can beat up poor old Loki and the gods say 'okey dokey'
and he does it just because he can (can).

Don't ask Thor to think his plan through
That would be assuming he has a clue.
When you have a hammer so fell
Who needs brains as well?

2.Thor can throw his hammer;
it's a right old slammer.
And it comes back to his hand just like it's on a rubber band;
It'll slay you in a friendly manner.

Thor is mighty, there's no question,
When he goes abroad he needs no vest on.
If you're a man whose brain cells are few:
Thor's the god for you.

Alexa Duir 2003

Wyrdwolf     Wyrdwolf on FB

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