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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Ode to Thorr

Thorr the Red
He walks the land
Protecting his kindreds
With his own hand.

His lightning strikes
His thunder roars
His cry of rage
In his giantish wars

He rides his chariot
Through the clouds
All jotnar are laid
In their death shrouds

ToothGnasher, ToothGrinder
Their eyes flashing
In the doom and gloom
Of Ragnarok's clashing

Hammer strike
Brow of stone
Eyes of fire
Thorr fights alone

His mighty arm
The Hammer wields
Basher of skulls
Bane of shields

With mighty crash
He delivers the blow
Downward fall
More of the foes

His chariot rolls
He takes godly stride
His Hammer crashes
On giantish hide

Thorr walks the land
Of his kindreds' fold
For his might and main
Our blots do we hold.

Hildulf Hlorrithisson     The Ulfar Gardhr

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