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~ By Courtesy of Others ~




He rode upon the midnight sky, the wind tearing at his cloak,
Floppy hat over empty eye, answering call of Folk,
Spear in hand, wolves in swift pursuit,
He rides across the land, knowledge is his loot,
He hung upon a tree, nine days and nine nights,
He watches over battles and fights,
He sees all things from his Golden Throne,
Fearing the Twilight, for then he's undone,
He teaches me secrets, 'runa' he whispers,
He shows me the way, to the three Wyrd Sisters,
Past, Present, Future they are,
Skuld and Verdandi, Urd, they see far,
Mimir's Well shines incandescent,
Mead of poetry, so pleasant....
Odin, my God...my Father...

2005 Justin J. Carlson


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