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Odin and Thor in China

A 13 part Story told in sonnet form in tribute to the western Kingdoms
by Ne-Ghwan Gho, appointed by the Great Kahn to storytell to the distant heathen hordes.

Odin and Thor in China, Part 1

Loki, dreaded god of Dark and Cold things
Once made magic and struck when fates eye closed
Then sent Thor and Father Odin on Wings
Of Treachery to the Dungeons he chose.

Far away from Asgard to where neither
Gods no humans knew or cared for Norse things.
Loki sent them deep, he thought forever
Into the world under the eastern Kings...

China! Unfamiliar was their new home.
No friends or believers, and this strange hell
That held them now could not be beaten down.
Mjolnir, that fearsome hammer of Thor's, failed.

All hope was lost, alone the two gods moaned.
Poor Asgard, ruled by Loki on THEIR Thrones.

Odin and Thor in China, Part 2

Two great gods were locked away far into
The depths of Earth under China. Held by
Force were these Norse gods Thor and Odin too.
They could not escape, but their moans could try.

Far away, within the water curtain
Cave, inside the mountain of flowers and
Fruit, practiced Monkee, god and Sage, Certain
He had mastered yet another weapon:

The Needle, long and sharp, made the total
Arsenal he could use number twenty
Two hundred thousand weapons all in all.
Now he could battle any enemy.

His only need: To Fight a worthy Foe.
And that is when he heard the two gods moan.

Odin and Thor in China, Part 3

Monkee worked his weapon skills and finished
For the day when he heard many strange sounds.
Powerful cries of anger and anguish
Coming from the very rocks in the ground.

He could hear these were not mere mortal cries
But cries of gods in distress and despair
Fellow gods but not of this land "and why
Were they so angry?"  He put his ear
To the stones to better hear their voices
And hear their tale told in curses and oaths.
He sensed the prison "a far off place is"
"Mt. Li, thought he, "But I will go help both."

Gathering his arsenal, Monkee grinned
He knew a fine adventure would begin.

Odin and Thor in China, Part 4

Monkee flew on clouds of dark adventure
For two strange gods needed his assistance
But even as he saw the great expanse
Of Mount Li approach. Monkee felt unsure...

Something more than mountain was there holding
The gods captive. Un-Natural Magics,
Evil Magic could be felt like the thick
Wall of stale air from tombs old and moulding.

His weapons were each ready, each one cleansed.
And he, Monkee, was set to fight any
Living being, be it one or many,
But he could not know who had been chosen
For him to fight.  They all waited ahead.
The guards of Mount Li.  Already all dead.

Odin and Thor in China, Part 5

Mt. Li, That Proud and Ancient Guardian
Of He who built both Wall and World, Also
Now held two Norse gods. Monkee came then to
Free them both but met, instead, the Earthen
Warriors that were Made to Guard the First
Lord within. Each one Forced, by Loki's Spell,
Attacked Monkee, to be Killed or to kill.
Monkee Fought, he had No Choice, for their Thirst
For his Death was too Great. Monkee faced Each
Guard, Broke its weapon, then Smashed them to Dust.
A Thousand Tears fell from Monkee's eyes. Just
As there fell a Thousand Guards. One for Each.

At last the god stood silent in the Room
And swore this Loki would soon meet his Doom.

Odin & Thor in China, Part 6

As Monkee reached the handle of the door
To let the gods within once more be free.
He wondered why there was no lock nor key
To stop him as the guards had tried before.
He looked with careful eye `round the portal
And found what his suspicions did suggest.
Hidden traps that would bring down all the rest
Of the mountain should the prison doors fall.
Monkee and They spoke through the door at length,
Each telling full the tales of what they knew
Till battle plans were settled, and no few
Questions answered as to great Loki's Strength.
Monkee left with Mjolnir as his compass.
Soon East and North would meet in great contest.

Odin & Thor in China, Part 7

In Far Asgard, some time has pass-ed since
Loki was not seen and good Odin had
Changed.  Confusion and care caused all the gods
To counsel, asking Odin why he winced
At war.  Indeed, he called for all mortals
To war no more, and live in peace.  Some balked
And the gods cried out, "What of Ragnarok!"
"We will need warriors to hold our hall!"

Odin, eye empty and Thor quite subdued
Sat in Their Hall list'ning to the comments
Then rose and said (with one voice); "We have spent
Too much time on these quarrels!  Let feuds end!
Let us live with the Giants!  We have rent
The house of peace enough!  Let us repent!

Odin & Thor in China, Part 8

All the Vanguard in good Asgard sat still.
No thing of what they saw nor heard made sense.
Odin speaking peace?!?  And Thor's iron will
Bent to Agree?!?  It seemed strange.  The absence
Of Thor's Hammer made them mutter.  Wondered
They if it could really be put away
As token to the Giants of rendered
Offerings of a truce.  "And now they say
There will be no more war, and Valhalla
Will be turned into a farmer's garden."
Each warrior vowed to forsake this new law
And bring down these two, to have war again.

 Just then, as revolting spread through the crowds
 All heard the thunder of god-bearing clouds.

Odin & Thor in China, Part 9

Things were not as they e'er had been before.
Loki Leads Asgard? Norse Gods with East dead.
Monkee grips Mjolnir - fighting in their stead.
Pity poor Northern god's Odin and Thor.

Odin, Father One-Eye, aged and cunning
Who'd battled bravely, besting all who dared
Now had to wait to see how Monkee fared.
Have "patience". Have Monkee do His hunting.

Thor, Thunder-god, Thane of pounding fury,
'Odin's-Son' Thor had held his Hammer hard
For all time. Handing it to Monkee jarred
His soul, but need commanded his hurry.

For once, their plans, not actions, must prove right
Or Asgard would be sent into twilight.

Odin & Thor in China, Part 10

Lord-god Monkee had seen many strange things...
Palaces and dungeons, peasants and Kings.
Little of what he knew warned him for this...
"Gold Hair? No Emperors? Round eyes? and Ice?"

{"Promise made, Promise kept"}.. stood he and rode.
No glance made he to the warriors below.
Called out the false 'Odin', echoed by 'Thor'
"What is Intruder who comes to Our Door?"

"I am Lord Monkee, god and guardian
Of the Eastern Lands where you are not known.
I have traveled past desert and ocean
To laugh at the leaders 'Thor' and 'Odin'".

All Howled, but Monkee just answered with sneer.
Then shut up their noise when up held Mjolnir.

Odin and Thor in China, Part 11

"Mjolnir! The Hammer! Stern Strike-Mate of Thor
Has never been parted from Thor before.
How came this Monkee to have in his hand
Weapon most terrible, weapon most grand?"

Surely all Asgard then knew, with one thought...
"Recent confusion was by Monkee brought.
This hairy Demon has spell-bound our land.
Has weakened our gods, and driven them mad."

Loki was trembling behind the gods' eyes.
He'd taken control through trick'ry and lies.
Now came opponent, unplanned for surprise.
With first try, Loki must cause his demise.

Loki was evil, but Loki was wise...
"Fool who calls Us false fights ALL... then he dies."

Odin and Thor in China, Part 12 
(Edda style, alliteration & 8 syllables per line, my own pattern of riming couplets)

(In years to come, the Skalds would tell
Of Loki's Screams and Monkee's Yells.
Hear now their Tale: Terrible War
When East met North, Through a Grave's Door....)

Benches all Boomed. Up sprang the guard.
"To Battle Now"! As One Voice called.
"Bring us axes, mail and seaxs
Swords and maces. Helms encase us."

Monkee'd brought Bows, Axes and Spears.
Hammers, Needles, Barongs and Wire
The Plane and Plow, Ancus, Mutka
Halbards and Pikes, Whips and Bolas.
Nimchas, Tungis, Nil-Lis and Slings
Chogans, Death-Balls, Talons-Grapplings
Zumbai, Falchions, Trident and Net
If all names spoke, take a year, yet.

Weapons all set. Monkee was, too.
Thousands attacked. Broke doors. Ran through.
Monkee fought back, Hook, Blade and Ball
Throwing battlers against the wall.
Monkee threw hot Baskets of Flame,
Hurled Knives, Arrows from Bows, and Chain
Monkee slashed, hit, One and both Fist,
Monkee, Warrior few can resist.

Holmgang was slick with Northmen's blood
But only nicks, 'twas Monkee's word.
Heroes beaten. Numbers ran out,
Now Monkee strode, "Attention" did shout!
"That Trickster THERE Fouls Noble Hall
Cowering behind TWO faces false.
Loki wears Mask. Puppets your gods
Makes Asgard Ass. Set all at odds."

Monkee told tale - all did listen
Of Mt. Li, Thor, Mjolnir, Odin...
Angry, all there turned and did leap
To hold Loki, lest he escape.
Held down, Loki lost his disguise
And all shouted "Monkee is wise".
Laughed All but one, Loki the Thief.
"Stand him. Hold him ready for Grief."

Monkee tool aim, Monkee then threw...
"Mjolnir, I now returning you."
Hammer took flight, Loki went pale,
Looking like gnat facing bad gale.
Mjolnir hit hard, slammed asunder
Into his belt (well, just under.)
Mjolnir then sped Loki to Thor
Through forest, swamp, midden and more.

So Trickster went, screams all the way,
To prison-tomb we call Mt. Li.,
Smashed door holding Odin and Thor,
Destroyed Magicks. Then Mt. Li Roared.
Spells and bars broke, tripped hidden traps.
Start tumbling down all in collapse.
Loki heaved up, holding in place
Heavy Mt. Li, becoming base.

Odin and Thor left Loki there,
They Laughed. Walked out, back to "free" air.
"Help!" howled Loki. Loudly did plea...
"Thor, lend Hammer Mjolnir at least"
Thor threw Mjolnir INto Loki
(broke thirteen bones and twenty teeth.)
Left Loki there lifting his doom,
Howling to wake soldiers entombed.

To Asgard, Home. Happy away.
Gods well greeted. Feasted for days.
Most now restored. All as before.
By Rainbow Bridge, Odin and Thor.
Giants and gods both back at war
Heroes boasting: Glory adorned.
One thing destroyed had not mended...
The Guards that guard Mt. Li Mountain.

Odin and Thor in China, Part 13

All things restored to ways that they should be...
All back in Asgard, home soon for Monkee.
Mjolnir lays patient in strong hands of Thor.
Two ravens missed - now Odin's shoulder born.

The Hall all gives toast to small god/great friend.
Skald Songs & Stories, Fables great. Legend.
"Soon Monkee home to Water Curtain Cave
To polish and sharpen my swords and staves."

"Whatever token, gift, war-price, reward
Will be granted You, by all of Asguard.
Name any boon, it will be given You.
We Honor He who we call 'Friend' and 'True'."

"Three things will I have, three things will I claim:
A cup from your hall, to toast your good names;
A Norse sword to add to my Arsenal;
And Loki, Each Guard of Mt. Li must heal."

"Loki must fix every Guard I destroyed
While holding mountain, no Magicks employed.
Not one speck of dust to be out of place,
No seam or mistake in body or face."

"So be it. 'tis just!" said Odin, said Thor.
Monkee then left, on his Clouds, out the door.
"Farewell my new friends. And listen to me,
If ever in need, send word to Monkee."

"A Grand tale to tell all my friends," said he,
The Dragon, the Sun, the Clouds and each Tree.
Fine stories, and what strange new friends know me.
And what strange sounds scream from inside Mt. Li."

Monkee was happy, for he was quite sure
This had turned into one fine adventure.

Monkee soon mastered the Norse sword, and more.
So ends the tale "China, Odin and Thor."


"Many tales remain to be told
of Monkee and Asgard, weapons and gold
Heroes and Nature, Men and their Halls.
Pay heed the stones from where adventure calls."

Ne-Ghwan Gho, translated by G.Robin Smith

© 2010 G.Robin Smith  -   Writer/Playwright/Fundraiser

His IMDB Resume. His Website Ben Franklin - History you can talk to.

The author is looking for an illustrator and/or publisher to publish this work
as a fantasy-tale book, and can be contacted through his website.

Find more chivalrous works at Brand´s Poetry Page, his yahoo Poetry List,
and his music on Soundcloud.

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