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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Odin Is

Odin is the AllFather,
Who hung
The nights, all nine.

Enduring his own
Delivering sublime
Sweet runic mysteries,
To the world.
From time spent
On that tree.

Odin is the AllFather,
I know
He cares for me.

Secret finder,
Knowledge keeper,
Quester after truth.
The Northern Mysteries
Are His ways.
Need ye further proof?

Hunin and Mugnin,
Keeps He nigh.
As Thought and Memory,
They roam the sky.

Eight legged one,
He rides upon
'Tis Sleipnir
His cherished steed.
On his back
Odin roams,
Fierce deeds.

God of death.
And God of War,
Beloved ancestor.

Fierce Valkyries
Call warriors home.
Bring their spirits.
Leave their bones.
High them off
To Odin's keep.
Where food and mead
Run knee deep.

Seated tall
In His grand chair.
Odin's eye
Sees everywhere.
Psychopomp, Shaman,
Wisdom searching
Ygg's brave rider,
One eyed being,
Journey, journey

Thank we Odin for
The poet's mead.
Humor and rhyme,
On words fair steed.
Wit and Wisdom too.

Odin is the AllFather,
Perhaps He
Cares for you.

Jackie Hannigan


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