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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Oh Hail (Sunna passages)
Tune:  'We Three Kings'
MP3  Midi  Sheet music (nwc)

Greetings fair Sunna of the sky,
Alsvid and Arvak do you drive.
Chariot rider, light provider,
Chase you the dark away.

Thou art my honored, elder kin.
In my heart have you always been.
Hail the Aesir. Hail the Vanir.
Hardship my faith won't deter.

Frenzied Skoll wolf, hard on your heels.
At Ragnarok, your life will he steal.
Run, thou bright one, fly forever
Shining your light in the world.


Jackie Hannigan

Jackie on Facebook    Scrying the Well (blog)

Image: Artist unknown to me.

Tune: John H. Hopkins, Jr., 1857

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