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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


O Sunwheel Bright         O Sunwheel Bright MP3 (2 MB)

Tune: Sussex Carol, first tune. Traditional English.

O Sunwheel Bright, the Sunwheel´s flame
rolls down the hills where gods once came.
They come again, their mighty strides
draw us, their folk, close to their sides.

Come one, come all, unto the call,
Come Gods, come Goddesses and folk, all.

O Sunwheel clear, your burning might
Has marked our deepest wisdom-sight.
Through midwinter, midsummer, gladness & tears,
You turn the corners of all our years.


O Sunwheel shining, flame of our soul,
Now through your burning we are made whole.
The needfire´s smoke of summer does heal,
While Yule log's blessing brings us weal.


O Sunwheel spinning, Sunna´s might,
Thor´s whirling hammer, Gungnir´s flight,
From Freya´s glowing Brisingamen,
Your main flows out, you draw main in.


O Sunwheel golden, strength of the land,
Mark earth and sky with your blazing brand!
Rune of giving, sigil of might:
Your power shines holy in Heathen sight!

© Lyrics: Winifred Hodge Rose       Frigga's Web
Voice: Michaela Macha

Author´s Note:
This song is for celebrating both Yule and Litha, Midwinter & Midsummer.
During Yuletide, it's suggested for celebrating the solstice day-- December 21 or 22, depending on the year.

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