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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Ragnarök, impendent Victory

Awaiting Ragnarök with arms wide open
Fearing nothing, not even losing the wisest, dear Odin.
Fenrir will have a taste of his own medicine,
At "twilight of the Gods", Víđarr will finish him.

Aesir will never forget
Ragnark is a day of glory, not regret
Chanting our songs with pride
For Victory we ride
To the end of our lives
We won't run and hide

As promised we shall reign
Our enemies will be slain
Brothers will prevail
All will be achieved
Glory, victory and fame!

Our swords pumping blood
Hurling spears will never stop
Hammers come crashing down
Enemies lay on the ground

Then the trumpets sound
The retreat of all the cowardly
Men with no masculinity
O’ we fight for Victory! for victory!

© Bashir Sarieddine      Bashir on Facebook


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