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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


I hear him
The call beckons me
To Valhalla I must ride
Swift as a steed

The Gjallarhorn sounds
Heimdall has seen the giants coming
Rise, noble warriors, and fight
These intruders of our homeland

Defend to the death
Die with honor
Take out these invaders
Odin cries from on high

The world shakes with battle
As the Einhejar shed the blood of giants
Thor wields his mighty hammer
Blow after blow on the Midgard serpent

The end is near
The enemy is subsiding
Holy Odin and Thor are dead
A new beginning has arisen

With bright Balder,
Vidar and Vali at his side
Magni and Modi now bear Mjollnir
A new future for us to carry out

Ragnar Harsvolk

Ragnar Harsvolk on FaceBook

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