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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Gleaming iron catches sun
Brightly flashing, quickly swung
Bites deep the sinew, cuts the bone
Sheath forsaken for a bloody home

Sword strikes, falling all around
Hammers voice on shields resound
Screams of men from dying lungs
Split the air as death is sung

The charnel ground on wich I stand
Vigrid plain, a hallowed land
I march proudly through the throat of war
For Ragnarok bays at my door

By my Gods I stand, with them I fight
Though I will die, my death is bright
Etins, trolls and giants fall
Gods die before us one and all

Surt brings fire, the hungry fiend
It eats the bones, it eats the trees
The world is scoured and burned of blood
But our fight was not a wasted one

In Idavoll life begins anew
And life grows green for the chosen few
Gods and men will walk as friends
And darkness is never known again

Rob Crocker 2006


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