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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Raw Green Mead
Tune: "I don't know how to love him"

I don't know how to drink this
I don't know if I want to
They say it's mead, some raw green mead
and they aged this brew, a day or two
and now it's in my cup, I may throw up!

I don't know how to drink this
how can I say NO politely
I wandered up, with empty cup
And they poured it in, up to the rim
And said this one's on you, what shall I do?

Should I hold my breath, should I take a sip?
Should I pour it out, and say my great horn slipped?
I never thought it would come to this,
Drinking mead so bad, I must be mad!

I see my good friend (insert name) and his horn's nearly empty
He needs some mead! some raw green mead
As I pour it in, up to the rim
I say this ones on me, you get it free!

He's laid there for an hour, I don't think that he's breathing!
He drank that mead, that raw green mead
But I'm not to blame, for (insert name) bane
He'd of done the same to me, with raw green mead.

I saw him take a sip, I saw him toss it down
I saw his eyes light up, I saw him hit the ground
I never thought it would come to this
But better him than me, should drink that mead
that awful mead, that raw green mead.

Ron Snow (Ragnar Ulfgarsson) & Melissa Snow

Bjornsborg - Works by Ron Snow

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