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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Red-Bearded Asa-Thorr          Red-Bearded Asa-Thorr MP3
Tune: origins unknown

Talkin’ ‘bout red-bearded Asa-Thorr, Asa-Thorr, Asa-Thorr
Talkin’ ‘bout red-bearded Asa-Thorr, he’s the bane of all Jotunar

Of all the things in Asgard fair, there’s few things he holds dear;
Ya got a left glove, right glove, Girdle of Strength, and a hammer called Mjollnir!


He likes to drink and eat and hunt, he likes goin’ fishin’ fine;
But last time he was out in the boat, he cut Iormundgand off his line.


He gets on well with all the crew in Asgard, war’s his bag;
But one day Loki swiped Mjollnir, which, for Thor, really was a drag.


There will come a baneful day when Asa-Thorr runs out of luck,
But until that day, he’ll smash away, ‘cause he sure don’t give a fuck!



© Karl Donaldsson

The Hearth of Karl Donaldsson


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