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Repeat Chorus after each stanza.

Rich the ale, strong the mead.
Roll out the barrel, fill up your horn.

In Aegir´s Hall,
loud and clear,
one hears the gods
call out for more beer.

The one called Loki,
well known to all,
to have him ´round
means having a ball.

She has first choice,
so she can
fill up her hall
with handsome men.

A mighty giant
once was his host,
"I drink more than anyone!"
was Redbeard´s boast.

He had to drain a horn
in one draught,
but after three swallows
he´d barely drunk half.

And Sif, fierce girl,
with hair of gold,
a lovely lady,
strong and bold.

The wolf was bound
with silken band,
and that is how Tyr
got to lose his one hand.

All kind of stories
Saga can tell,
about gods or men,
she know them well.

The Old One hung
upon a tree,
for nine nights long,
the runes he did see.

© Music & Lyrics Frigga Asraaf


Het Rad - Dutch Asatru Network for the Northern Tradition


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