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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Sapphire Sheen

Wandering god wisdom seeking,
Came upon a blessed well.
Bartered he for a bit of water,
just a bit for throat so dry.
Just a bit for mind so wide,
just a bit to turn Wyrdís tide.

Blessed water from Mimirís well,
thirst satiator of more than throat.
Bargained grimly, did the uncle
for Othinís ocular view.
Desperate must have been the godling,
to consider taking out an eye?
Or cunning in his plan and placement,
placing eye to always scry?

Sapphire sheen in depths below,
pledge there lays glinting.
Seeing still through watery veil,
perceiving more than when enskulled.
Sacrifice is known to be
Othinís way of gaining.
Allfatherís eye lies in the well,
bartered for the drinking.

© Jackie Hannigan

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