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Sif's Hammer                          Sif's Hammer MP3

From a smithy I hear chiming sound,
Two hammers beating out a round,
One sounding dark, the other is bright,
One of them heavy, the other light.

Thor's hammer blows are full of power,
Sif's finer beats a gentle shower;
Thor and Sif combine their skill,
All bends to their shaping will.

Thor forms and forges, shapes and molds,
The shining steel he often folds;
Sif makes the burnish, polished and bright,
She brings the hidden forth to the light.

Sif is the constant strength within;
Great things must step by step begin,
Patiently as one grows crop,
Or one climbs a mountain top.

Sif's blessings help us beat for beat,
That our endeavors may succeed.
Tackling life, and day by day,
we're changing the world as best we may.

Thus the hammer's tender side
Shapes all Midgard, far and wide.

© German Original: "Sifs Hammer": Michael Schütz - Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard
© Translation, Tune, Voice: Michaela Macha

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