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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Skadhi´s Forest

Eerie, ice-eyed Lady, utter strangeness,
Thy silent challenge calls me with the harshest wildness,
Sending the winds of my breath echoing
Across vast landscapes of Being,
Seeking a way out of,
Seeking a way into
Thy Forest.

Crag-etin fierce, stay thine arrow´s flight;
Hold thy fingers fromthe string of thy great bow´s might:
But a moment would I speak with thee,
Ere thou lettest swiftly fly
Dark shaft striking
From thy wild soul
Into mine.

Cool breath of Forest, breathe thou upon my face.
Touch thy hand to my brow
And leave thy icy trace.
Let thy wildness heal the ravages
Left by a world too grimly tame,
Ere thy icy arrows
Set my soul adrift.
Ah, Skadhi!

© Winifred Hodge Rose

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Image: Snow landscape 2 by ~iisjahstock. Used according to artist's license.

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