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Sly Trickster               Poetic form: Acrostic

Sinister crafter of clever deceit,
Loki's wily trade leaves many bereaved.
Your tricks can take away, yet also give;

Tricks teach wisdom, that we may better live.
Risk is a factor of life He has taught;
It's better to risk than live all for naught.
Can His mysterious ways teach us strength?
Kings learn His craft, after all, at great length.
Success can be gotten through clever wiles;
This can bring benefits, or else things vile.
Every action has consequence, it seems;
Risking through tricks leaves little to redeem.

Justin Douglas Blackford

Image: "Ohe! Ohe! / Horrible dragon, / Swallow me not! / Spare the life of poor Loge!",
Arthur Rackham (18671939). Illustration for The Rhinegold & the Valkyrie. Public Domain.


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