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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Solar and Lunar Adorations

Upon rising in the morning, face east, draw the rune Dagaz with your forefinger, visualizing the rune intensely. Then say:

Hail mighty maiden Sunna at morningtide,
Hail to She reckoned among Asyniur,
As She daily wanders the welkin about to tell the time for men,
Hail to Mundilfaeri's beautiful daughter! I salute You in Your ordeal,
By which the Earth is warmed and made fertile to yield crops.
Hail even unto Skinfaxi, Shining Mane, and unto Arvak and Alsvin, mighty steeds of the chariot.

At noon, face south and draw the rune Sowilo and visualize it intensely. Then say:

Hail again unto mighty Sunna at noon-tide,
Hail to Sunna at Her most splendid!
As She draws the solar chariot across the sky,
The sun, life-giving spark that flew out of Muspili, is Sunna's burden:
Sun among men, Sunlight among Gods, Dvalin's Doom among dwarves,
Everglow among etins, Fair Wheel among alfar, All-Bright among Asa-Sons
We salute the burden of Sunna and likewise radiate gratitude for the Sun at noon-tide.

At dusk, face west and draw the rune Kenaz and visualize it intensely. Then say:

Sunna's chariot has crossed our skies and our face of the Earth,
She goes at a greed speed, almost out of view now,
She flees in terror and yet Her burden is the terrible and wonderful breath of the Sun.
We Salute You in Your deptature, mighty Sunna,
Hail to She who flees between Hati Hrodvitnisson and Skoll,
hungry wolves bred of etin maids, at dusk tide.
We eagerly await your return.

Between 10:00 p.m.and midnight, face north and draw the rune Mannaz, visualizing it intensely. Then say:

Hail magnificent Mani,
Mundilfaeri's Son, who draws the lunar chariot and the Moon,
Moon among men, Mild Light among Gods, Wheel among the dead in Hel's Hall,
Speeder among etins, Splendor among dwarves and Teller-of-Time among alfar,
Hail even unto Bil and Hjuki, children of Vidfinn,
Who go with Mani and can be seen from the earth,
Hail even until Hrimfaxi and the steeds of the lunar chariot,

© Benedikt (Ben) Kolsson

Author´s Note:
These adorations draw direct inspiration from Aleister Crowley's Liber Resh vel Helios.
I wrote them as a way for people to attune with solar and lunar energies within a
Germanic heathen context. Crowley's Liber Resh does so within an ancient Egyptian context.

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