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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Some Modern Rune Poems


Fortune flares fertile with fair sacrifice.
For it is the lost lamentations of the Lady,
and the ravenous riches of Ran.
But everyone with it, must evade excessive envy.


Undeniably, the mighty aurochs understands
the power under the primal plains.
And the hearty healing earth hails its swift, hoofed herd.
But supernatural strength certainly comes with suspicious secrets.


When thunderous thursar cheer the rainbow┤s throes...
Controlled force fights his frenzied foes,
and brings back the beneficial bairns.
But, the three thorns unchained threaten all.


Allfather answers the ancient call.
The whispering winds grant the seeker wisdom,
and the roaring steed raves to the righteous rider.
But ÷nd, the breath-of-life bounds too swiftly.


Riding and raiding the rich worlds reap much fortune,
as the mighty chariot marches on the mainlands.
But, the ridden are often wrongly ruined by the regality.


Controlled, creative fire burns the canvas into colors,
and the temperate torch tames the tedious darkness.
But,the cankerous sore can cause serious afflictions.


Gifts graciously given make good friendships greater,
and equal exchange by lovers escalates emotional encounters.
But, sacrifice given for greed and guile, the gods only give grief.


Joy and Harmony are the heart of the happy home,
as toddlers track the tiny tomten tirelessly.
But, hallowed happiness is impossible to harness haphazardly.


Hail, the harshest of grains, holds haven for holy Helheim,
as Hel shields the souls of the sanctified dead.
It defends the deep earth from detrimental destruction.


Need powerfully pushes the body past perceptions,
as the fire of life lovingly lights the lands of the lucid.
But never confuse naturla need with notorious want.


Ice freezes the ignorant into infamous stasis,
to break free from the frozen fetters it takes need-fire flame.
It also protects the plentiful plains from winter┤s painful punctures.


Year brings the yearning youth of the yard,
and the sowing cycles reap for the conscientious caretaker.
But harvest heralds heavy only for the hard-working.


Yew bears the most beneficial of bows,
and from Ydal yields Ullr┤s yawning winter hunt.
But wolf-hook warrior wields his angled weapon.


Lot-box orders the °rl÷g of others,
and ˙r­ upholds the ultimate outcomes.
But luck is not lavished on the lazy.


Elk┤s ancient antlers adorn its able crown,
and it is the favorite fist of Frey┤s fury.
Protection comes charging to the courageous and kind.


Sunna shines brightly with shimmering sun rays,
and the wagon whirls wearily from thee wolf.
But over-venerated victory by the volk, invents vulnerabilitiy.


Tyr of the Aesir accepts the amputation,
the wolf-joint justly given to the jaws.
But the loss of loyalty and virtue is longly lamented.


Birch and willow heated, heals the head.
The winds whisper, unwinding the white bark
and it benefits the beautiful bounty of birth.


Horse hastens the honorable hero.
Such a constant companion compares to none.
But the uncaring undo the ultimate charger.


Man can make Mi­gar­ mighty and strong,
And many a friend was made with mead.
But the quarrelsome quickly finds his quiver empty.


Leek wards off woesome wights,
like whit mud and waxing waters from the well.
Law must flow fluidly to further the folk soul.


Ingvi brought bounty and boon for the brave Swedes.
The gestating seed germinates and grows greatly.
To the Lord, special sacred sacrifices must be sent.


Day destroys the darkness of deep despair.
The gods gaze gently, grant gifts upon goodfolk:
giving wisdom, gracious lore, and generous healing hands.


Odal ancestors strengthen the serching soul,
and the folk soul feeds the fire of the heart.
Heritage holistically heals health with harmony.

ę Mike Smith


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