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Song for Hanging                      Song for Hanging MP3

We´ll meet at grey dusk, as crows caw
And as the wind blows harsh and raw
Through the bare branches, wild and cold,
In the sacrificial grove of old,
Sacrificial grove of old.

And high up in the ancient Tree
Are hanging corpses, dangling free
In their nooses, pierced by spear;
There will be more of them every year,
There will be more every year.

And when the raven´s flying by,
He´ll lead a murder through the sky;
Then Odin grants his grace once more,
Just like it was in the days of yore,
Like it was in days of yore.

Hard beak will hammer on dead bone
And mingle with the branches' groan.
Can you hear cawing fill the Tree?
So let our offering be,
So let our offering be.

© German Original "Beim Hängen zu Singen": Kolag Hraban

Asatru Schweiz  -  ARF&M - Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard

© Translation, voice: Michaela Macha
Tune: "The twa Corbies", trad. Scottish

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