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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Song for Mani

Hailsa Mani! full and bright,
fill my pastures with your light!
Ward my flocks and guard my herds,
Hear you now adoring words!

Hailsa Mani! full and bright,
bane of foes who hide in Night!
Silver orb above the fields,
for whom danger always yields!

Hailsa Mani! full and bright,
guard my steading with your might!
When you go the Sun will rise,
and fill again the fair, blue skies!

Hailsa Mani! Heed my prayer,
in the Well another layer,
in my life another day,
for these simple things I pray!

Lyrics: Dathi M. Haxton

License: Common Domain

Music: Karl Donaldsson 2003



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