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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Sonnet 26

I fell in the battle. I thought I had died.
Then a valkyrie fair appeared by my side.
She helped me stand, and she carried me home.
I knew then I'd ne'er again be alone.

She guided me to a temple of stone.
She said, "We've met, though you may not recall,
"You will remember in these marble halls."
And before the gods she made me her own.

Her hands were strong, her kiss tasted of ale.
With her fingers she graced my skin so pale.
Suddenly I knew I'd seen her before.
She rescued me once, now she'd saved me once more.

I realized that she'd twice saved me life,
Forget will I not; I'll make her my wife.


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Image: "Gates of Valhalla",  Jonathon Earl Bowser,
  Used according to license.

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