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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Sonnet 33

What delight to be in Loki's favor!
Belligerent Trickster, Bane of the gods
He who never hesitates to waver,
Yet purpose he puts in each step he trods

Most misunderstood of all in Asgard
Abused by his kinsmen in Jotunheim
Odin's scapegoat held in such low regard
Though he aided the gods time after time

You're a doer of deeds most foul, milord,
But you have had deeds most foul done to you.
The gods meet their demise by thine accord.
In that moment all will receive their due.
Be you adored, Changeling of many forms!
Lo! Admire the Defiar of norms!

Marius-Creb - more of his poetry on DeviantArt


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