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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Son of Lightning

Great men and humble sons of Heimdall;
by inns will, Ill speak of recent lore,
of a friend of rr whom I remember.

Once a friend told a tale,
one of troubled brow and hopeful faith;
With ring on heart, and hope in sad turmoil,
hands to the sky, he asked his mighty god.

He thus spoke, with heart racing,
before the gods in all the nine worlds,
facing the skull of Ymir.
"Thunderer! Give me a sign of your strength!"

He then spoke, with sweat on brow,
into the halls of great Bilskirnir,
And rr listened intently.
"Is this the faith of me, God of Thunder?"

Then he slept, on that clear night,
one of troubled brow, and hopeful faith;
With ring on heart, and hope in sad turmoil.
Asa-rr thought, looked in the mans pure heart.

Then rr leaped, on that clear night,
he of troubled brow, but shining heart;
Racing his goats, his chariot burning,
across the skies, racing for his beloved son.

Hammer high, smashing Jtuns
who blocked his pathway, to his beloved son;
Gap-Tooth raced hard, Tooth-Gnasher raced harshly,
Mighty son of Jr, racing for his beloved son.

Thunder claps, lightening crash,
Morning sun he beat, to his beloved son;
Swinging hammer, collecting his great might,
Lord of Lightning gave his love to his son.

Powerful, lightning crash,
Oak tree split in half, ode to his son;
Presence left there, permeating the night,
Lord of Lightning, showing his love to his son.

Son awoke, heart full of joy,
His gods sign so pure, on a clear night!
Presence felt there, permeating his heart,
Son of Lightning was showed his fathers love.

Mike Smith