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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Oh Odin,
what did you once whisper
into your noble sonīs ear?

Was it words of despair
of a father holding the dead body
of his own son in his hands?
What is more grievous
than a father carrying his son to the grave?

Was it words of helplessness
that you as a mighty God, as Valfather
could not protect
your favorite son?

Was it words of remembrance
of childrenīs laughter,
of when Baldur grew a man,
of memories shared?

Was it words of revenge,
a promise that the cowardly murder
would be avenged,
that the murder would not benefit
the perpetrator?

Was it words of farewell,
a last touch of the hand
a last look into empty eyes
a last time the smell of his hair

Or was it words of comfort
that he would once return
and that would be the beginning
of a Golden Age?

I believe it was a bit of all this
And you, unnoticedly,
let your salty tears drop
onto his chest.

Original: "Trauer", Đ Kolag Hraban.
(Translation by Michaela Macha)

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