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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Summer Rain

Inhaling the sweet scent
Of rain-drenched sage,
My vision lightning-flashed
As booming thunder echoes against my ears.
The Thunderer's chariot, wheels cracking,
Sparks from the pregnant clouds above.

I hail to thee, Thor, God of Thunder,
Son of Odin and of Jord.
I thank thee for the summer rain,
For your presence and your strength.
Hail to thee for your courage,
For your generosity,
For your nobility,
And for your honor.
I thank thee for thy healing touch,
Thou protector of mankind.

Hail to thee, Thor, of the fierce countenance,
Thee of bristling beard
And stark bright eyes.
Hail to thee, Thunderer,
Your presence a boon and a gift
To Heathenkind.

Jackie Hannigan  June 27, 2004    

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Image: "Tyr", Analemma McKee Burrows, faux stained glass original

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