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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Reith Thorbjarnar (Thorbjorn's Ride)
In honor of Master Master Thorbjorn the Greysides

Crag of rock justice-sharp, and keen,
oversees ocean-edge.

Weep there many, grief-dew bright
on pale faces.
Then comes this vision, to each watcher
visits on night-wing:

Rises the moon full; Comes the sea-steed
racing seas-mane
with outflung sails wind-bellied, full,
speeds to ship-stead.

Strideth one to prow; Great Wailing, she is hight
by Aesir and Van.
Swan-coated, she; mail-clad; sword-girt
and full fearsome fair.

(She cries:)
"Heed! All manner of alf and wight,
Mark thou me well!
We are come for Grey Thor's Bear!
Valhalla calls his names:

"Hall-Master! Sword-Master! 
Sword-Brother! Ring-Giver!
Stead-Keeper! Cheiftain!"

"Who knows not his good wise counsel?
In battle or at bench
to each asker is answer freely given
and weighed with wit."

"Who knows not this free-handed steadkeeper
making welcome all comers?
Within his walls merry mirth and safe rest
found all seekers there."

"Who knows not of Hand-Adder
and Feeder-of-Eagles?
Axe and sword so named by einherjar his blows
have made death-kin!"

"Who knows not his wit at fair words?
Bragi-blessed, his tongue,
and Othroerir-gifted; not coarse nor thick
nor boastful, lesing."

"Who knows not of Grey Thor's Bear?
Valhalla calls his names:
Hall-Master! Sword-Master!
Sword-Brother! Ring-Giver!
Stead-Keeper! Chieftain!"

"Now let all lament and grieve greatly
for this night sails
from the world of wights a sage warrior skald
matchless among men

"And the wail of women and warrior
both make fit chorus
to honor his passage to the Hero-Hall
of the Shining Ones.

"But be sorrowful not: Tonight he boards seat
at Odin's own bench.
Allfather hails him by name
saying, "Thorbjorn Greysides!
You are well met!"

"And pours for him the mellow mead
in his own horn
golden-wrought and graven with wish-speeding runes
and Old Names.

"Be sorrowful not for many number
his kinsmen gone before,
long waiting to clasp arms
again as brothers.

"This night they will raise meadhorn and voices
in mirth and merry
and tell glad tales each one to each
of together times and apart.

"Suchwise in wassail they so will dwell;
this was pass time
until Wyrd summons leman, kinsmen, sib and bondsmen
from the world of wights."

"Once again I say: Heed, all manner
of alf and wight!
We are come for Grey Thor's Bear!
Valhalla calls his names!

"There will he dwell in place of honor
earned well-over,
in Hero-Hall in kinsmen company
in mirth and merry."

"There will he wait for each of you in turn
as the Norns decree,
and for Ragnarok which we every one
await together!" 


1995 Karen L.U. Kahan aka Savage Daughter
   SavageDaughter on Patreon


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