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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Thor & Loki

Thor chased Loki through Asgard
Trying to catch this roguish bard
Lokiís crime was another prank
Away he did run and hide and jank

Though Loki knew his time would soon come
And Thor would close his fingers and thumb
Around his neck and drag him back
Probably heíd receive a couple of smacks

The whole of Asgard knew of Lokiís tricks
But Thorís wrath was not one to pick
And this time Loki had stolen Sifís hair
Had left her bald with none to wear

Thor was irate and the storms did roll
Across the plains, they levelled a troll
Thunderclaps flashing here and there
It was almost more than Thor could bear

To see his lover with her bald pate
Only fueled the fire and enraged his hate
For Loki were a trickster and the master of lies
With his loathsome appetite and deceitful eyes

Loki transformed into a horse of mare decent
To gain the speed and away he went
Thor still chased and nor did he slow
But up ahead a stallion did show

The stallion did catch the mare, now Loki
And bred it there on the plains so smoky
Loki now bound in this animal state
For nine long months he has to wait

Finally Thor caught the ďLokiĒ mare
And brought it back to the handlers there
At Asgard to keep until it was time
For Loki to deliver this colt so fine

Sleipnir by name Odin did it call
The new eight legged colt within his hall
Loki was released as the Gods did laugh
Of what had came of Lokiís prankish daft

Thor had caught Loki upon his release
And demanded he replace Sifís golden fleece
So away Loki went in search of a craftsman
To construct new hair to Sifís satisfaction

A dwarf deep in the mountains was Lokiís man
To complete his new oath, but then a plan
He would ask the dwarf to craft gifts for the Godís
And return with them for their approving nods

With crafts he did return to pay his pardon
And by his side the dwarf was a trodden
For a new oath was made and the dwarf wanted proof
That his gifts were given and not spent aloof

As they approached Valhalla with gifts galore
Heimdall was waiting but not at the door
Upon the Bifrost bridge that led to the Godsī lands
Is where he was planted and did firmly stand

He let them pass as and looked in amazement
For he knew that poor Sif was in lots of torment
Loki presented the gifts to each God
Hair for Sif, and to Odin the rod

Thor was appeased with his wifeís new hair
And released the storms that torn the lands bare
Loki was now to hand over his head
To the dwarf that had created these items said

But the trickster was quick with guile and tongue
And told the dwarf to get for what he had come
As the knife drew from its scabbard and was about to check
Loki told the dwarf, the knife couldnít touch his neck

So another prank was delivered and served with a lie
The dwarf was furious and demanded that Loki must die
But the Gods looked on in laughter and did not give chase
To the master of lies that left once again with great haste!

© 2004 HammeR 

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