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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Thor, Master of Clouds                         Thor, Skillful Master MP3
(Thor, Skillful Master)

O Thor, skillful master
Of thunder, clouds and rain,
How well your hammer forges them,
So earth will yield again!

Oh Mighty Thor rides through the clouds that froth and whip and lash,
He gathers up his lightning bolts to make a fearsome crash.
He gathers up the fluffy clouds and fills them up with rain,
And causes drops to fall upon the verdant fields of grain.


He causes winds to blow across the gray and darkened sky,
His bolts they cast upon the ground, make all the people hide.
Yet they do thank him for the rain that falls upon the field,
Full well they know that through Thor's work a fullsome crop will yield.


His chariot is forged of steel that floats upon the sea,
From which he throws some fishes down to make the serpent flee.
His two fine goats he does regard as his most noble steeds,
From time to time they will provide some food from which he feeds.


Gunn-Thora      Dark Star Kindred Bard & mother of Mist aka Larisa Hunter

This poem is under a Common Domain License.

Tune: Michaela Macha

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