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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Thor´s Fishing Trip

Into Ran's realm was cast Hymir's bull-
Sky-bellower's head was Redbeard's bait
When Jord's girdle he sought to pull.

Ymir's kin could not guess his fate
When Thor came to claim Kvasir's grave;
Hymir was no match for Sif's mate.

As plow-puller's head struck the wave
Two great whales came into the boat,
Pulled by Hymir, who thought he was brave.

With a laugh, the Driver of the Goat
Let out his line, let the head sink,
Paid no notice to Hymir's proud gloat.

At the bottom of Utgard's long drink,
The head rested among Ran's fire,
Its eyes gleaming in gloomy ink.

Not long did he wait, Modi's sire,
Before Nari's kin opened its jaws,
Took up the trapped meal from the mire.

Not once did Hrungnir's slayer pause,
With courage and strength he strained
Against the son of the Scorner of Laws.

Though the child of He Who Is Chained
Fought long against the jotun's foe,
Wolf's brother was pulled up to be brained.

The serpent could not stay safe below.
Redbeard raised mighty Mjolnir high,
But Hymir foiled the final blow.

The craven spawn of Ymir’s thigh
Through the line bade his bait knife bite;
Earth’s Belt escaped Midgard’s ally.

The serpent sank back out of sight
While giant and Ase returned to shore-
Jormungandr fled the god of might.

© Sorn Skald 6/19/2005

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives License.

You can find SornSkald on FaceBook.

Poetic form: Terza Rima

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