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File:There Sat Idun With Her Beautiful Hair Falling Over Her Shoulders.jpg

Three Haikus for Idun

thiazi was clever:
steal the goddess,
not the apples

it is the goddess
who nourishes the apples
which nourish the gods

she sits in her tree,
in her garden, and watches
the gods play, laughing

Rebecca Buchanan

Eternal Haunted Summer - Pagan Songs and Tales
An ezine dedicated to Pagan poetry, short fiction and reviews.

Poetic form: Haiku

Image: "There sat Idun with her beautiful hair falling over her shoulders" by Fiona F. Hart (1914).
jazi, in the form of an eagle, appears in the corner.
Frontispiece in: Young, Ella Flagg and
Field, Walter Taylor. The Young and Field Literary Readers, Book 3. Public Domain.


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