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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Thrym's Wedding

Thor looks high, and Thor looks low
In every garth and hall -
His hammer bright, the giants' bane,
He cannot find at all.

Thrym has sent a message then -
That lovesick giant said,
"Your hammer you will never see
Til Freyja I may wed."

Then Freyja raged, the walls they shook,
Her jewels flew to the floor:
"I'll never ride to Jotunheim
To be a giant's whore."

Then up and spoke the shining god
Who guards the Shining Way:
"We'll send to them another bride
To bless this wedding-day."

Then Thor he raged and Thor he swore,
But all to no avail;
They dressed him as a blushing bride
In gown and keys and veil.

They decked him out with flowers gay,
With gold and gems so rare,
And Loki was the serving-maid
To serve this maiden fair.

East of the Sun, east of the Moon,
These two fine ladies ride,
Until they come to the giant's hall
With the wedding-feast inside.

"Why does my lady hunger so
For all this meat and mead?"
"She could not eat, she could not drink,
She longed so much for thee."

"Why do my lady's eyes burn so,
Like embers from the fire?"
"She could not sleep for nine long nights,
So hot was her desire."

In they brought the hammer bright,
This comely pair to wed;
Up and sprang the sweet young bride
And cracked the bridegroom's head.

West of the Sun, west of the Moon,
They homeward made their way -
So Thor he got his hammer back
And wields it to this day.

Š 2000 Ann Grķa Sheffield

Image: "Thor disguised as Freya", Š Giovanni Caselli. Used by permission.

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