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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Thunderstorm Hymn                Thunderstorm Hymn MP3
(aka Gift of Rain)

See that anvil cloud approaching?
It is looming fierce and dark.
Though the mighty hammer's hidden,
When it strikes you can see the spark!

Son of Earth and men's defender,
Mindful of your friends remain.
Keep us safe from loathsome giants
As you bring this gift of rain.

Comes the storm, a noisy gale,
As the rain arrives in sheets.
Trees bow low in thanks for water;
Hail on crops a rhythm beats.


Redbeard's wagon wheels are churning;
Goat hooves clatter 'gainst the skies.
With a crack a tree blows over
For the soil to fertilize.


Storm-charged air the raindrops carry;
Rain from Thor is best of all!
Off the storm moves; rain continues,
Softly nourishing Midgard's ball.


Lyrics, Tune, Recording: Ana McKee-Schwenke  

This document may be freely distributed and copied for non-commercial purposes
provided it is copied in its entirety, including copyright notice and this statement.

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