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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Tyr of the Old World                    Tyr of the Old World MP3

Tyr of the Old World
inheritor of roles
Skalds speak your glory
a tumult in our souls

Tyr of the Hand
bravery's single light
for the sake of Gleipnir's bands
endured the Mad Wolf's bite

Tyr of the Spear
pinnacle of war
Unleasher of the wound tide
always to the fore

Tyr of the Court
ensurer of the judge
enforcer of true justice
that even law must begrudge

Tyr of the Old World
rule these domains three
may you lend your friendship to mankind
and help to keep us free

© Matthias Wilson

Tyr of the Old World
(Songbook version, slight changes by Michaela Macha)

Tyr of the Old World,
Inheritor of roles,
Skalds speak your glory,
A tumult in our souls.

Tyr of the Hand,
Bravery´s single light,
To tie Gleipnir´s bond,
Endured the Mad Wolf´s bite.

Tyr of the Spear,
Pinnacle of war,
Unleasher of wound tide,
Always to the fore.

Tyr of the Court,
Ensurer of the judge,
Enforcer of justice
which even laws begrudge.

Tyr of the Old World,
Rule these domains three.
Friend be to mankind,
And help to keep us free.

© Matthias Wilson

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