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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Asatru Song                        Listen on YouTube
Tune: "It Had to Be You", as performed by Harry Connick Jr. 

Asatru, oh Asatru 
I wandered around, and finally found a religion, too 
I felt I was Tru, My ancestors, too 
And I was quite glad that me you would have in the Kindred coop

Some others I've seen make people mean 
Or try to boss from a big wooden cross, but that wouldn't do 
For nobody else gave me a thrill 
My drinking horn I'd like you to fill 
Baby, it's Asatru! Baby, it's Asatru! 
It's Asatru! 

Karl Donaldsson 1996

The Hearth of Karl Donaldsson


Image: Frisian drinking horn, 1397

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