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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Death-Song of Golden Osis Ring-giver
In Honor of His Grace Thorbjorn Osis Brandsson, young and mighty.
If this poem is not true of him, what hope is there for the rest of us who come after?

On thunder-wing, lightning-shod,
come Screamer, Gnasher, Woe-bringer, all.
Feather-clad, sword-girt, Odin-sent
ride they to Midgard
to choose from the race of Men
one worthy to board bench
in Odin's meadhall;
to bear bright blade
at Ragnarok fell.

Rides the road Golden Osis Jarl,
pony driving homeward
news to bring of foemen felled,
of kinsmen well-met
at week's end.

Thewful, he; broad of back
and strong of limb;
golden-haired and comely.
Gives he rings freehanded
and offers host-mead
when worthy wights
finds he in warholm
or in great hall.

Foremost the Many-Crowned Jarl
to the battle-stead goes,
leads warriors fierce
in number and strength!
To the spear-dance
singing they wend,
rich raven-fare leaving they
wherever they stand!

Maidens sigh,
foemen pale and tremble,
to see him mail-clad,
bathed in war-dew,
mirthful laughing as
helms he cleaves
and byrnies sunders!

First, he, Golden Osis Jarl,
to free foemens' heart-tide.
First, he, Thorbjorn Thunderer,
to wend the wood
of Trees-of-Thrud
and hew them each
timber to tinder!

Exulting, they, the Valkyries
savage singing warshriek fearsome!

"Chosen this one is: Golden Jarl!
Chosen is Golden Osis Ring-Giver!"

"Fear this one, O Sons of Loki!
Bears he bright death in both his hands!
Bears he Sigfather's shining mark!"

"Mourn this one, O Sons of Man!
Rejoice he walked this time among you
for one such as he escapes not long
our notice or Allfather's Eye!"

"The Norns say this:
With his mighty tread
will Valhalla ring,
before the gold-wealth of his hair
bears age-silver strands!"


1999 Karen L.U. Kahan aka Savage Daughter
   SavageDaughter on Patreon 


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