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The Futhark Song
(aka The Julie Andrews Rune Song)

Tune: "Do Re Mi"  Link to "Do Re Mi" Midi
(Long lead-in before you start to sing -- be patient!)

Feoh, a cow, a Holstein cow,
Ur, a mighty longhorn bull,
Thurs, a mean and monstrous giant,
As, the Gods on high who rule,
Rad, a journey on your bike,
Cen, a torch that you employ,
Gief, a present that you like,
That will bring you Wynn, that's joy, joy, joy, joy . . .

Hagall is hail, the coldest grain,
Nied, a deep and pressing need,
Is is ice, a frozen lake,
Gear, the harvest grows from seed,
Eoh, the strong and mighty yew,
Peorth, a gamble lost or won,
Eolh, shield-maidens warding you,
Sigel is the blazing sun, sun, sun, sun. . .

Tyr, the God of Justice high,
Beorc, the birch's greenest bough,
Eh, a horse, a yearling colt,
Mann, in Midgard here and now,
Lagu, the lake with stormy spray,
Ing, the God so fair and fine,
Daeg, the dawning of the day,
Ethel is the land that's mine, mine, mine, mine. . .

When you know the Futhark clear,
Odin stabs you with a spear!

Learn the Runes to know your doom,
Just donīt learn them from Ralph Blum !

Đ Ben Waggoner (of The Troth), Dave Haxton and Lucky Kuurwyn

"Do-Re-Mi" is a song featured in the musical "The Sound of Music"
(music by Richard Rodgers, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II, 1959).
Within the film version of the musical, it is sung by the actress Julie Andrews.

Ben Waggoner has translated numerous Old Norse Sagas. His books on Lulu.

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