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The Good God Thor                The Good God Thor MP3 (2,2 MB)
Tune: "Good King Wenceslas"          Good King Wenceslas Sheet Music (.pdf)
          Good King Wenceslas MIDI 1 (16 KB)
                                                          Good King Wenceslas MIDI 2 (4 KB)
The Lord of Storms was looking out  
from the heights of heaven,
in Midgard snow lay round about
deep and thick and even.
Brightly shone the moon that night
though the frost was cruel,
and men upon the hearth below
were too cold to keep Yule.

In Asgard there was food and fire,
the gods were at their drinking;
Thor stood up and glared around,
"Brothers, I´ve been thinking-
if folk cannot keep the feast,
in their accustomed manner,
who will make the offerings,
who will do us honor?"

Loki jumped upon a chair,
"A beer keg I am betting,
none of you can make them warm,
what wagers am I getting?"
"I will take them fuel to burn,"
Thor roared loud with laughter,
"And Loki´s forfeit, if I do,
is that he must come after."

Loki to the stables ran,
let Sleipnir loose to wander,
locked the horns of Frigga´s rams,
tore Freya´s cart asunder,
shaved the bristles from Frey´s boar
so he went in hiding,
and led Thor´s goats so far astray
none knew where they were biding.

Mjolnir´s master gathered wood,
made a mighty bundle,
but neither cart nor steed could find
when it came time to trundle.
His belt of strength he buckled on,
the load of wood he lifted,
"Now Loki, you must follow me,
till every hearth is gifted!"

Across the rainbow bridge they passed
shimmering in beauty,
over Midgard´s frozen waste,
Thor bore his wooden booty.
But Loki foundered in the snow
that lay between each steading,
until he walked within the prints
where Earth´s strong son was treading.

Dry wood upon each hearth Thor laid.
Though he tried to fight it,
he pushed the trickster on the pile,
said: "Loki, now you light it!"
Brightly flamed each Yuletide fire,
and as our own fire blazes,
let us lift a horn to Thor
and drink, and sing his praises.

© Lyrics: Diana L. Paxson

Diana is member of The Troth and Gyðja of the seidh group Hrafnar.

Original Song: "Good King Wenceslas", lyrics John Mason Neale (1818-1866), publ. 1853
Tune: "Tempus Adest Floridum", ("Spring has unwrapped her flowers"),
Swedish 13th century spring carol
, publ. 1582

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