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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Harrow

Hallowed harrow set in stone,
starlit stair to Asgard's throne.
Hammer warded, blessings sown
wrapped in mysteries unknown.

Bifrost Bridge here terminates;
World Tree's holy, sacred gates.
Fair folk held in altered states.
Gods to men and men to fates.

Hallowed harrow stands alone
Midgard's blessed cornerstone.
All we know and all we own,
Mother Earth's enchanted bone.

Well of Wyrd helps to create
sacred space to liberate.
Harrow stands to quell debate,
all our dreams to consecrate.

1992 Daithi M Haxton

License: Common Domain

Image: Sweyne's Howes North, Chambered Cairn,West Glamorgan
Martin J Powell 2001-5, from Aenigmatis Photo Gallery

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