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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Ignorant Mind

One mind does not equal another,
The half-wise are everywhere;
Prudent words passed down by a father
Mislead minds who are unaware.

A middle-wise man is the best,
These words I hold to be true;
Nor should one boast to his guest
Of things that he cannot well do.

For the learnéd whose knowledge is deep
To find gladness of heart is rare;
On his road, he may madness yet reap:
Of this he be ever aware.

The fairest of lives one can lead
Is to know not the world and its ways;
Then fate will not bring him need,
And he´ll live in peace all his days.

The future is not to be known,
Too much foresight man cannot well bear;
That's why the Norns' web is not shown
Lest knower should fall to despair.

He who deems himself full of wisdom
Will find he knows nothing at all,
He will lose the rights of his own kingdom
As soon as he starts to talk.

The ignorant had best be silent
When among the wise he would dwell;
He must put his wits into retirement
And be glad if he learns how to spell.

© Arith Härger

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