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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Ísland Journey

In April of 2009, Will Burris and I traveled to Iceland to visit sites held dear by Heathens,
and to meet with Icelandic Heathens there. I wrote this poem on the plane back from Iceland...

Of a fearless family - two faithful men
To Ísland traveled - for tribute and trial.
Over Warder's Mothers - they made their way
On wind from Vinland - to the western shore.
Gefrain to grow - and gifts to give.

Gathered with Heathens - and greeted proud Godhar.
Good tidings they gave - of their great tribe.
Healthy bonds forged - with generous hosts.
Frith was woven - and friendship won.
Dear gifts were shared - as Chieftains should.

These sons of Vinland - to Thingvellir went
With a Hammer of Thor - their Thyle had made.
Horns they raised - to their Holy Gods.
Their Folk they named - their frithful tribe.
Honor was given - and great oaths made.

These men could see - spirits of land.
Respect was paid - to raging falls.
Wide rough earth - warmed their way.
Sharp rocks made safe - courageous climbs.
Known as Heathen - by heartless wind.

With knowledge gained - and greedy for home,
With tribute earned - and treasure in hand,
Weary and worn - though Luck-rich and Trú,
To family and friends - their frithful tribe,
Two faithful men - toward hearth wind-rode.
“Written and Copyrighted in 2009 by Mark Stinson,
Used with Permission, heathengods.com.”

© Mark Ludwig Stinson

Temple of our Heathen Gods

Poetic form: Fornyrðislag (Old Meter)

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