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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Journey

Wayfarers meet, weary and dusty,
walkers on a journey beyond life's end.
"Sit here friend, let's talk, let's pretend.
Tell me of the life you led.
Tell me of the oaths you said."
"What of battles fought and loved ones lost?"
"Tell me of a life worth living at so high a cost.--
I have not much further to go," the first said.
"I have almost reached the goal.
To Hela's realm goes my soul."

The second answered,
"I too will rest there,
though the warrior's life I lived without a care.
Too good with sword and axe I proved.
'Twas sickness that took me and my mare.
Valfather's choosers chose me not.
Instead, I died upon a cot.
Buried was I with weapons, byrnie and food.
Odin must be in a fickle mood."

The first responded,
"Never did sword or spear I touch.
A farmer was I and I struggled much.
To Frey I prayed and to me He was true.
To grave mound I went as was my due."

Joshua Koed

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